Nordic Auto Research and Certification

Welcome to our business of researchers and extensive archives scanning period articles, photo collections and interviewing everyone possible to tell the Nordic history of your competition car.

Specializing in vehicles sold new to Scandinavia in the fifties, we will of course also look into other eras of your wish.


Since no investigation is like the other, one cannot predict the final price. The more history uncovered the higher rate, and also the better provenance.

Please get in touch so we can discuss your individual needs.




Instigated by Björn Tiedemann with over 20 years experience of photographing and writing articles for Swedens original old car magazine Classic Motor has over the years gathered all contacts necessary to successfully bring out hidden info.

He was also behind getting the 2004 book Speed in Sweden, celebrating 100 years of organized motor sport.

A part of the organization Vram Grand Prix who arranged events celebrating major Swedish races of the past between the years 2013-2016.


Some Finds

Ferrari 500 Mondial #0580.

Crucial photos for the correction its unique front wrongly rebuilt. Unknown races discovered. Period color scheme found.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce AR1493E*01928.

Research confirming it was the Jo Bonnier Mille Miglia entry in 1956.

Mercedes 300 SL 198.040.4500034 RMSothebys auction car Paris 2020.

Swedish speed record and participation in Helsinki GP 1955 discovered.

Photos from Sweden GP 1933 at Vram.


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